Get Figma Premium For Free with Figma Education Plan | Figma Pro Plan for Free 2022

What is Figma? 

Figma is a design and prototyping tool to create any UI and UX. With both web and desktop versions of Figma, you can design anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of taking Figma Education Plan:

• Unlimited projects
• Unlimited version history
• Unlimited editors and viewers
• Custom file/user permissions
• Shareable team libraries
• Classroom resources

• Access to community groups

You will get all these benefits for 2 years. If you apply again after 2 years, you can get education license again. The application process is very easy, no documents are required

How to Apply for Figma Education Plan

  1. First go to this link =>
  2. Then fill the form like below screenshot. I have given my information and you will give yours. Even if you give the ones that I have given, it will be done as you are not giving any document 😄

img 63233df86207e

3. Why are you applying for a free Figma Education plan? 
Many people will ask for the text of this place, so I gave it in advance.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have just started UI/UX design recently and I really need Figma education license to get all figma benefits and utilize it to make my works better.

You can copy-paste it and customize it a little. That’s what you use Figma for. That’s enough to say that you will need Figma Pro Features

Then click on Submit button

4. As you can see, my account has been approved for Figma For Education, but wait, wait, the
work is not finished yet. Click on Choose team to upgrade button.

img 63233f0f1d3ed

5. I already had Team Create for Tech Help BD team.
If you don’t have it, you can create it.

All I have to do is click the Next button

img 63233fc8165ff

6. Then click on the Just Complete Upgrade button and you are ready to use the benefits of Figma’s Education Plan! 😎
img 6323401f76dc6
btw here’s a fresh news Adobe has bought Figma for 20 billion dollars 😅
You understand when Adobe buys many things can become premium at any time so if you see this post don’t ignore it keep the education plan :3

Video Tutorial

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